Apart from the fact it's bloody comfortable and soooooo luxurious, it has a proven ability to keep you fresh, dry, and clean from morning until night. Which is why we say; comfortable enough for day, and sexy enough for play.

Our immi bikini briefs were born from a desire to wear underwear under activewear, without that dreaded LINE across your cheeks (which resulted in 4 cheeks rather than 2, sorry but it is true)! Whilst we were focused on the aesthetic, we also wanted, of course, to feel as dry as possible when building up a sweat after 100 burpees.

So MOVE OVER cotton we're totally over hearing about you, you're old news.... There's a new player in town, your moisture evaporating, natural breathable enemy, BAMBOO. Not only is it light and luxurious, but when you sweat you won't stay wet.

AND we haven't even gotten started on its environmental properties yet, it needs far less water to grow than cotton and creates far more fibres than cotton. It's a very fast growing plant, there are no pesticides or fertilisers used, and at the end of its life it will biodegrade. Say no more.

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